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Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The elegant capital of Vietnam is also called the "Paris of the Orient". Hanoi's center is an architectural museum with old colonial buildings, broad tree-lined boulevards and beautiful lakes.

The pace of life in Hanoi is more laid back than that in its southern sister Saigon. The city's boulevards are mainly crowded with bicycles during rush hour and people take time to stroll around the central Hoan Kiem Lake, or to simply sit at a curbside cafe and watch the world go by.

The city also offers an insight into the history of the nation, with its Chinese and French associations. There are numerous fascinating monuments and the highlight of each visit is definitely the fascinating labyrinth of the old Chinese Quarters.


Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum
Vietnam's honored leader, Ho Chi Minh, was laid to rest here in an imposing monument. The "Changing of the Guards" occurs every hour and is an interesting sight . Note that the Mausoleum is closed from October to November every year as the embalmed corpse is send to Russia "for maintenance".

Ho Chi Minh Museum
This is an interesting exhibition explaining the life and times of the man who created modern-day Vietnam. The museum is next to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Ho Chi Minh Residence
Behind the Mausoleum is a simple stilt house where Ho Chi Minh lived from 1958 to - 1969.

One Pillar Pagoda
This famous pagoda resembles a lotus blossom rising out of a sea of sorrow - the symbol of purity,. The original pagoda dates from the 10th Century and was destroyed by the French. The current pagoda build by the new government. Still today the temple is a symbol of purity and couples who wish to have a child make offerings at the One Pillar Pagoda.

Temple of Literature
This impressive temple was build in the 10th Century and has been dedicated to Confucius to honor scholars and men of literary accomplishment. The temple complex consists of five courtyards and is built around serene lakes and ponds - a peaceful retreat in the center of town.

Ethnology Museum
This very interesting museum is dedicated to the people and tribes of Vietnam and offers very interesting insight into the traditional cultures of Vietnam's 54 ethnic groups. There is also an open air section displaying different house styles.


Fine Art Museum
This museaum is housed in the former French Ministry of Information and is home to very intricate sculptures, paintings, lacquerware, ceramics and other traditional Vietnamese fine arts.

History Museum
Located in a old colonial house, the History Museum offers a good introduction to the rich, varied and often turbulent history of Vietnam.

Army Museum
This interesting museum showcases Vietnam's various struggles against the colonial powers of France and most recently the United States. Various relics are on display including tanks, aircraft, weapons etc. as well as scale models of famous historical battles.

Water Puppet Show
The ancient art of water puppet is unique to Vietnam and originated in the rice fields of the Delta. Puppet masters stand behind a screen, partly submerged in the water, and skillfully control and direct the delicate puppets using long poles. The puppets act out scenes from traditional stories and fables, often depicting the life of the peasant interwoven with mythical themes, accompanied by haunting classical Vietnamese music. A show not be missed.

Hanoi Opera
One of the landmarks of Hanoi. The opera is a beautiful example of French colonial grandeur and has been recently restored to its former glory.


Perfume Pagoda
The Perfume Pagoda is a complex of shrines built into limestone cliffs and surrounded by a plain of rice paddies. It is a very beautiful area and a visit to the Perfume Pagoda is one of the highlights around Hanoi!

Dry Halong Bay
Located south of Hanoi this area is known for it's huge rock formations jutting out of rice paddies and the caves. Breathtaking scenery make this a interesting day trip from Hanoi!


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