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Kingdom of Thailand

As a visitor to our southern-most resort, 'Phuket Island (pronounced POO-kett), you can choose exactly the kind of holiday you prefer, for Phuket has just about everything on the island of 550 square kilometer island, a short flight from Bangkok - or an overnight, or a full-day, trip by motorcoach. The international airport has frequent flights to and from Malaysia and Singapore, and charters from Europe. Phuket has also become a port of call for many deluxe cruise ships.

Fresh seafood, notably Phuket lobster, is avialable at many multinational eateries. It isn't even necessary to stick to the many fine restaurants in the hotels since even the local restaurants are a gustatory delight.

With its early English, French, Dutch and Portuguese settlers, Phuket has a variety of architecture unmatched anywhere else in Thailand. Phuket Town is a busy metropolis of 50,000 people with good hotels, rewarding shopping, an abundance of Buddhist, Muslim and Chinese Temples, Christian churches and an international flovor that will delight you.

But of course, the main attraction of this paradise island in the Andaman Sea, is its wealth of excellent beaches. Most of the resort properties are situated on the western coast on beautiful, white sand beaches. The east coast is the home of fisherman, the Sea Gypsies and the Marine Biological Research Centre, while its southern tip is noted for its beautiful coral formations and is favored by scuba divers and snorkellers.


Phuket Town This compact provincial town serves mainly as an accommodation and shopping center. Splendid colonial-style residences built by late 19th-century tin and rubber barons and shop houses from the same period provide a distinctive character.

Khao Rang This small hill to the north of the town offers a pleasant view of the town and boasts Thailand ‘s first fitness park, a series of hillside sculptural tableaux which enhance keep fit calisthenics.

Ko Si Re This small island which is separated from the mainland only by the Tha Chin Canal, is located 4 kms. northeast of the town. There is a sea gypsy village considered the biggest in Phuket.

Phuket Butterfly Farm and Aquarium Drive for 3 kms. from the town along Yaowarat Road and then turn left at the Sam Kong village intersection. It has a fascinating collection of such tropical creatures as butterflies, insects, fish and coral all arranged in natural surroundings.

Phuket Orchid Garden and Thai Village Located on Thepkasattri Road about 3 kms. from the town, it offers cultural performances demonstrating the Thai way of life with folk dances, Thai boxing, the unique aspects of Phuket and the South, a handicraft center, an orchid farm, and an elephant show. Show times are 11.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.

Chana Charoen Crocodile Farm This contains an exciting aquarium with some 1,000 marine, freshwater and estuarine crocodiles and is located just outside of the town. It is open daily from 9.00 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.

Sixty Years Pillar Monument The monument stands in the south of the town at the area called Saphan Hin, the end of Phuket Road. It was constructed in 1969 as a memorial to Mr. Miles, who devised the use of a dredger in mining operations in 1909.

Sirinat National Park It is located near Phuket International Airport along Route Nos. 402 and 4026, some 30 kms. from town. The park occupies a total area of 90 square kilometers and has an uninterrupted 13 km. Long stretch of beaches; Hat Nai Thon , Hat Nai Yang, Hat Mai Khao, and Hat Sai Kaeo.

Wat Phra Thong This temple where the upper half of a large Buddha statue emerges from the ground is 20 kms. north of the town along Highway 402. Legend has it that during the invasion of Thalang in 1785, the Burmese tried in vain to excavate the statue. Each time they dug into the ground, swarms of hornets would swoop on them and they had to give up. Later, the visible part of the statue was covered with gold by the villagers and has remained as such until today.

Wat Phra Nang Sang This historical temple in Amphoe Thalang was once a fort resisting a Burmese invasion around 1785. An old chapel in the compound enshrined the three oldest and largest Buddha statues made of tin, called the Three Kings.

Khao Phra Thaeo Wildlife Sanctuary This extensive forest area in Amphoe Thalang was declared a wildlife sanctuary in July 1969. It covers a rich and fertile land and is the habitat to several types of wild animals. Major attractions include Namtok Ton Sai near the headquarters. Although small in size, it nevertheless provides a cool, shady area for relaxation. Another waterfall is Namtok Bang Pae, which is located at Tambon Pa Khlok. There is an arboretum and a nursery to rehabilitate captured gibbons before returning them to the wild. For nature enthusiasts, the sanctuary has mapped out three walking trails. Further information may be obtained from the Nature Study Center.

Thalang National Museum Located near the Thalang Intersection, This museum displays the way of life, culture and history of Phuket and the South. It is open daily except Monday and Tuesday from 9.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.

Hat Surin The hillside beach with groves of large pine trees is about 24 kms. northwest of the town. Drive along Route No. 402, turn left at the Heroines Statures, and proceed on for 12 kms. There is a golf course to the right. Hat Surin is not recommended for swimming because of its steepness and heavy seas and winds during the monsoon season.

Ao Bang Thao This is a long stretch of sandy beach north of Hat Surin suitable for swimming and other water sports.

Laem Sing 1 km. From Hat Surin, this scenic rocky cape is next to a small white sandy beach. To reach the beach, visitors can ask permission to cut through a private road, or take a detour along the hillside slanting to the beach.

Hat Kamala Located 26 kms. from the town, turn left at the Heroine Statues past Hat Surin and Laem Sing, Hat Kamala is about 2 kms long, quiet and not crowded.

Hat Pathong Phuket’s most developed beach is 15 kms. west of the town. Cabin and bungalow complexes, hotels, bars, nightclubs, discotheques, shops, and restaurants front the crescent bay. Windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, sailing, sunbathing, and swimming dominate the major activities.

Hat Kalim Once in Patong, turn right to Hat Kalim, which is a small beach with large rocks and a coral reef. Accommodation is available.

Hat Karon and Hat Kata South of Hat Patong, both are long and peaceful beaches and eminently suitable for swimming and sunbathing.

Hat Nai Han This beach, nearly southmost of the island, is about 18 kms. from the town. Beyond the beach is a large swamp called Nong Han. Although not so long, the beach has white, clean sand. Swimming is not recommended during May-October due to the monsoon season. A small bay next to Hat Nai Han past the Phuket Yacht Club is Ao Sen, which is peaceful and picturesque with white, clean sand.

At the midpoint between Hat Nai Han and Hat Kata Noi, there is a viewpoint overlooking three adjacent beaches.

Laem Phromthep The southernmost point of Phuket is the perfect place where picturesque sunsets are seen.

Hat Rawai This palm-fringed beach about 17 kms. from the town is home to Phuket’s sea gypsies. Several offshore islands have gleaming white beaches and dazzling underwater scenery, which attracts fishing enthusiasts and scuba divers.

Ko Kaeo This is an offshore isle about 3 kms. from Hat Rawai and can be reached in 30 minutes by boat. There are sandy beaches and underwater scenery, as well as a replica of the Holy Footprint on the island.

Laem Ka Yai This is another small beach, about 16 kms. from the town on Highway No.4024, where boats can be rented to visit nearby isles.

Ao Chalong This bay is some 11 kms. from the town and extends in a broad sweep. A few kilometres from the bay is Wat Chalong where statues of Luang Po Chaem and Luang Po Chuang, Phuket’s most revered monks, are enshrined.

Marine Biological Research Center Located on the southernmost tip of Laem Panwa, 7 kms. south of the town, the center houses an aquarium which displays hundreds of exotic, grotesque and flamboyantly colorful marine species found in Phuket’s teeming waters. It is open daily between 8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.


Phuket is well equipped to provide offshore tripe making it a center of tourism in the Andaman sea. Trips can be arranged to see forests and mountains, rocky formations, beaches, coral reefs and fishing. Most of Phuket’s 39 satellite islands are located to the east. Islands of special interest include: -

Ko Racha Yai with its gleaming beaches can be reached by chartered boat from Ao Chalong. It takes about 2-3 hours for boat trips during off-monsoon season (December-April). Sightseeing services are available from tour operators in town. Accommodation is available.

Noted for its exotic corals is Ko Mai Thon, which is also suitable for scuba diving and fishing.

Ko Hei is known for its beautiful beaches and unspoiled corals. The island is about 5 kms. from Hat Rawai. Accommodation is available.

The terrain of Ko Lon is mountainous with flat land along the shore. A ferry leaves Ao Chalong between 8.00-9.00 a.m. Accommodation is available.


Seafood Festival Held around May yearly, this festival is designed to publicize the delicious seafood of Phuket and attracts visitors during the rainy season. Activities include a Marine Tourism Resources Parade, seafood stalls, demonstrations of regional cuisine’s, and cultural shows.

Vegetarian Festival This is held from the 1st to the 9th day of the waxing moon of the 9th Chinese calendar month, which falls roughly around September-October. During the festival, people get their food from various shrines. Many rites and rituals based on mythical beliefs are performed such as fire walking and climbing of ladders with knife-edged rungs. There are processions around town with onlookers throwing firecrackers. The tradition is believed to offer virtues to the gods and celestial beings to protect Phuket and its people,

Phuket King’s Cup Regatta This was first organized to celebrate the 60th birthday anniversary of His Majesty the King, and it has now become a popular annual event held on December 5, His Majesty’s birthday. Entries from all over the world join to vie for the coveted trophy.


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